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AVET INS is a well-established, independent information and network security company with over ten years of experience. We constantly provide reliable strategic informations such as vulnerabilities alerts, new exploits, attack classes and vectors and patches as well.
We perform security audits to ensure proper data protection while keeping our customers ready for new business objectives.

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Critical vulnerability in OpenSSL

2014-04-10 09:00

In a very widely used OpenSSL library, a buffer overread vulnerability was detected that allows to, in some circumstances, read memory of a given process, e.g. web server. It ...

Windows XP end of support date

2014-04-02 09:00

On 8th April 2014, Windows XP will reach its end of life date. How to support legacy systems and ensure their security? Our short how-to covers that topic:

Protection of ...

Hardening Linuxa pracującego na VMWare - problemy

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10 tips for building secure cloud

Based on our experience we have proposed a list of 10 recommendations enabling organization to build and deploy Private PaaS clouds. We plan to update this list to make it constantly address security issues as the technology evolves.


0day exploit for Linux z SSHD in the wild

Recently we have been observing number of security incidents involving Linux Servers running SSHD daemon. While we don’t know yet the exact attack vector it seems that the either cPanel, DirectAdmin and Plesk and/or SSHD are being exploited ...