Stonefish - SIEM Stonefish

Stonefish is a SIEM system crafted for enterprise of any size. Traditional SIEM solutions are typically expensive, hard to deploy and maintenance. Results analysis require appropriate human resources and their appropriate training.

Barracuda On Demand Compliance on demand

Barracuda Security Scanner (BSS) is delivered in SaaS model and is available through web browser. It allows testing of any IP address or URL, anytime, any number of times. In order to ensure accountability, Bank can archive all of previous reports in BSS and obtain previous versions.

Latest vulnerabilities

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CIRRUS Final Event

On September 10th final CIRRUS (Certification, InteRnationalisation and standaRdization in cloUd) Event took place. Aleksander P. Czarnowski from our company also as EuroCloud Poland ...

2014-09-10 09:00, more Więcej
LibreSSL 2.0.1

Three weeks after Heartbleed disclosure, OpenBSD programmers ran a OpenSSL fork: LibreSSL that lead to a release of the first version of LibreSSL Portable fork last Friday. Just yesterday, a ...

2014-07-14 09:00, more Więcej
What happened to TrueCrypt?

Last two days in the Internet are mostly about debate on possible causes of unannounced closure of TrueCrypt project. website is in fact closed and its traffic is ...

2014-05-30 09:00, more Więcej
AVET INS begins cooperation in Luxembourg

On 8th May 2014 in Warsaw, AVET Information and Network Security Sp. z o.o. signed an agreement with two companies in Luxembourg: Luxembourg Telecom Private Operator and E-Kenz S ...

2014-05-09 09:00, more Więcej
Critical vulnerability in OpenSSL

In a very widely used OpenSSL library, a buffer overread vulnerability was detected that allows to, in some circumstances, read memory of a given process, e.g. web server. It ...

2014-04-10 09:00, more Więcej